Dear Parents,

Thank you for registering for a Scribe Tutorials class! My instruction is based on methodologies developed by the Institute for Excellence in Writing®. Students of all ages and stages have become successful, competent writers using these methods.

I will be meeting with students for one ninety-minute class each week, teaching them proven writing strategies that will remove the fear and frustration when putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!) for any assignment.

However, your role is crucial to your child's success. Students need daily help and supervision from you. Working with your child, choosing alternate words and phrasing, checking that required elements are included, reading his/her work aloud and helping the student self-edit, even typing out papers while the student dictates is NOT "cheating." This is all part of the learning process. Help as much as needed, especially at first. When your child no longer needs your help, he/she will tell you.

Instruction happens in the classroom, but learning and practical application happen at home. You are an important key to your child’s success!

I require all parents not familiar with the Institute for Excellence in Writing methodology to purchase and watch Andrew Pudewa's Structure and Style Overview. This is an introduction to an award-winning method for equipping students with a toolbox of writing skills. It will give you a concise overview of what your child will be learning and will prepare you to work in tandem with my instruction for your student’s best success.

A free option is to watch the "Experience Excellence in Writing" webinar.