Scribe Tutorials is now using Adobe Connect for our online classroom.

Below is a brief overview of how participate in an Adobe Connect class session.

Here is a more detailed explanation from Adobe Connect. It includes troubleshooting. Print this out for reference:  

Adobe Connect Visual Quick Start Guide                     (Read before running the connection test.)


 Adobe Connect Computer Connection Test      (Read instructions and scroll to bottom for tests.)


Brief Overview (for the tech saavy)

To get into the classroom, simply go to the web address (url) that Mrs. Luiz provides you and follow these directions:

1. Enter in as a guest. Type your name in the box. You do not need a password to get into the classroom.


2. Once in, a tutorial will begin called "Tips for Using Adobe Connect for Participants."

     The frist time you log in, watch this video. It really does give you some great user tips!


3. Once you are in the classroom, you should see either a "chalkboard" with your class's name and meeting time (this means the class is not yet open) or you will see our welcome page.


4. Connect to audio conference. Do this by clicking the microphone icon located at the top middle of the screen. Once you have enabled your mic, mute it! Otherwise, we will hear EVERYTHING! (Really, you SHOULD have cleaned your room last night!)


5. To turn on and off your webcam, click on the camera icon next to the microphone icon located at the top middle of the screen. All student cameras will be enabled. You'll just need to turn yours off when you're not presenting. 


6. That's it! We will practice everything else you need to know in class.